MSPL's Personal Accountant

Get rid of the heavy account books. Now you have a new Personal Accountant for all purposes.

Personal Accountant covers all the aspects of Accounting and Inventory Management.

Voucher - Journal, Payment, Receipt, Credit/Debit Notes, Contra & their respective registers.

Sales - Tax Invoice, Sale Invoice, Excise Invoice, Goods Return, Damage Goods & their respective registers & Sale Book, Pending Orders.

Purchase - Purchase, Purchase Return with their registers & reports, Pending Orders.

Manufacturing - Production, Rejection/Wastage, Issue, Issue Return & their complete registers & reports, Resource Management.

Reports - Account Ledgers, Outstanding Balances, Reminder Letters, Confirmation Letters, Ageing Accounts, Complete VAT & CST Reports, Pending Form C, Pending Bills, Trial Balance, Trading A/c, Profit/Loss, Balance Sheet with G.P.Ratio(automatic calculation of Closing Stock in three different ways), Day Book, Cash Book & Account Book, Cash Transactions & Account Transactions, Cash Flow & Account Flow, Expense Reports, Item Stock Statement, Item Stock, Item Ledger, Stock Movement Report, Reports on Excise, TDS, CST, etc., Advance Management, Fixed Assets Sale/Purchase/Depreciation.

Tools - Sending Reports, Bills, etc. via E-Mail, Converting reports to Excel format, Export data to Excel format.

Other features -

  • Multi Company capability
  • Doesn't require prior accounting knowledge
  • Doesn't require any special training
  • Minimum use of mouse required
  • Create an Invoice without requiring a Quote or Sales Order
  • Custom Invoice and Voucher print format(We can change Invoice and Voucher print format completely as per you requirement. It costs extra)
  • Support for LAN
  • Data security
  • Advance printing options that allows user to save reports/print outs as Word, Text, PDF, HTML Documents
  • Report are designed in such a way that they require least paper
  • Organizes appointment with inbuilt scheduler(Pro version)
  • User friendly interfaces
  • Multiple Users & their rights management
  • Easy Backup/Restore options
  • Define Hot Keys according to your needs
  • GST enabled
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